A powerful industrial complex and skilled workforce

The Pozzi Group has an industrial layout of machinery at the avant-garde of technological advance that make up each link in its chain of production. In the sphere of dies and hot steel forging the group is able to produce components ranging from 500 g to 180 kg with a production capacity of over 45.000 tonnes annually. The heat treatment of these components is assured by a fully automated state-of-the-art line and all the assembly operations and precision engineering can be carried out within the group. The production of gears is also carried out completely and wholly within the group and is one of the most advanced production centres internationally.

A vertically integrated production which guarantees an extremely high level of quality and flexibility and which responds to clients demands. The Pozzi family has obtained these results thanks to an attentive and constant presence in each production field and using highly-qualified workforce who has been infused with a passion for workmanship of the highest quality.