Looking resolutely to the future

Our group is an industrial leader in the engineering sector which has 6 production plants and employs 400 staff. Three of these plants are devoted to die production and hot-steel forging – Varesina Stampi in the plants of Sumirago (VA), Corio Canavese (TO) and Vercelli; 2 sites specialised in CNC precision machining and finishing – Varesina Stampi at Sesto Calende (VA) and Meccanica Sepriesi at Sumirago (VA); one site specialised in heat treatment – Varesina Thermo at Vercelli; and last but not least Toffac Ingranaggi at Piove di Sacco (PD) – a unit equipped for the production of gears of all types.

The Pozzi Family has created this within a period of seventy years. It started with the current president Vittorio Pozzi in 1950 with the founding of Varesina Stampi. It then progressively and continually developed into the Pozzi Group we know today. The founder was joined by his two brothers Elio and Luigi, then progressively the second generation arrived to work alongside the original founders. The Pozzi family have created an important business and thanks to progressive acquisitions and targeted integration it has managed to develop a fully integrated structure capable of offering optimum quality and flexibility, whilst being totally autonomous and relying only on its own resources. But the group is already looking to the future.

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